Out and about January 2nd…

A lot of people, as usual, in Plaza Fabrica de los Cangrejos and quite a few on the Balcón de Europa, including a small group of youngsters practising their moves. Somersaults, backflips…it was all being done.

The sun returns…

I was very surprised to see that Foto Sistema in calle Cristo has closed after umpteen years, unless they have just moved to new premises for some reason. Nice to have the sun back out again and there were quite a few people on the beach this morning.

Nerjadanza 2012 gets under way

The rain held off throughout the midday period today as the Balcón de Europa hosted the first of the Nerjadanza shows. The programme was a bit different to the one scheduled, with the first dancer being Anuska Alonso from Galicia with a piece entitled ‘Quando Corpus’.

Bollywood on the Balcón

Dancer and choreographer Sunny Singh, accompanied by the Sunny Singh Bollywood Dance Company, will be performing on the Balcón de Europa tomorrow, Friday, as filming starts on scenes for a new Bollywood film production.


Meanwhile, on the Balcón de Europa.

Marble blocks to be reused to make seats

As with Plaza Cavana recently, the decorative marble blocks on the Balcón de Europa have been replaced by granite bollards after some residents suggested the blocks could cause accidents. The marble will be reused to make benches which will be placed in other areas of the town.

Repair work on the Balcón de Europa

Work is currently in progress around the base of the Norfolk Island Pine in front of the iglesia El Salvador on the Balcón de Europa.

New plants on the archway

The archway on the Balcón de Europa is looking rather resplendent with the new blooms adorning the walls. The pigeons are having to find somewhere else to sit rather than in the plant pots.

Impromptu sing-along…

There was a very good flamenco guitarist on the Balcón de Europa on Monday and at one stage, a large crowd gathered and a Spanish tourist began singing along, much to everyone’s delight.