Russia to begin lifting pork ban shortly

Russia will soon begin to lift the total ban on imports of Spanish pigs and pork products prepared after May 1st 2009. This follows a meeting between Spanish and Russian officials.

Mayor of Coín banned from driving

The Mayor of Coín, Gabriel Clavijo, has been fined €520, banned from driving for a month and has had four points deducted from his licence after being found guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol. The Mayor was stopped at security checkpoint in December 2007 on his way back from a dinner party at a restaurant in  Alhaurín el …

Bong goes one sponsor

So, multi-medallist Michael Phelps has been given a token slap on the wrist after being photographed smoking cannabis at a party. Phelps has been banned from competition for three months, the ban ending just nicely in time for him to prepare for the US Championships on July 7th, a sort of trial for the World Championships in Rome two weeks …

Bivalve ban in Huelva

The catching and marketing of several varieties of shellfish has been prohibited in Huelva province.