The Boathouse closes

The Boathouse bar on the corner of calle Mèrida and avenida Mediterraneo in Nerja has closed down. La Biznaga on the Balcón de Europa has closed for ‘the season’ and will open again in the spring.

A few changes

Potters Bar in Edificio Miami, Nerja, is open once again, The Saloon in avenida Castilla Perez has closed and the former Barbados (and for a very short time, Gran Evasion) in calle Fray Junipero Serra now has a sign up saying Manny’s Bar.

Closures for one reason or another

La Canoa Bar and Grill opposite the Hotel Riu Monica is up for sale or lease, as is The Saloon on avenida Castilla Perez. Potters Bar in Edificio Miami is closed at the moment and El Tapeito on calle Chaparil has been gutted.

Two bars reopening

Los Cuñaos in calle Herrera Oria reopens today in the hands of Ana and her daughter. Ana used to work in the kitchen. The bar will be open seven days a week. And the former Bar Alameda in calle Jaén will be reopening shortly as La Loca Carmela.

For You

The former Zacatecas on the ground floor of Edificio Coronado in calle Los Huertos is now For You and is open from 18:00.

Bars and Spanish culture

According to a study by the Coca Cola company, there are 350,000 catering establishments in Spain, which means one bar for every 132 inhabitants. The study analyses the relationship between the Spanish and ‘the bar’.

San Isidro 2013

Anyone wishing to apply to operate pubs, bars in the youth area, ice cream stands, hamburger stalls etc or wanting to use oxen in the San Isidro celebrations on May 14th/15th can do so at the main counter on the ground floor of the Town Hall. The deadline for applications is May 3rd 2013.

Renovations at Buddy’s Bar and Diamante Azul.

Buddy’s Bar in calle Málaga, Nerja, is undergoing internal renovation, so one assumes it will be reopening before too long. And there seems to be work going on inside the former Diamante Azul on avenida Mediterraneo.

Pequeña Cibeles and Bakus

The Asador Dos Hermanos in calle Cristo is now the Pequeña Cibeles, while down on calle Carabeo, the former Carabeo Cafe has become Bakus.

Former Capricho Andaluz undergoing refurbishment

The premises on the edge of Plaza Tutti Frutti last occupied by the bar Capricho Andaluz is undergoing the almost inevitable renovation and refurbishment before, presumably, opening in its new incarnation.