Holiday and other closures

La Dama in calle Carabeo is closed for holidays until December 24th. Antica Roma, also in calle Carabeo, is also closed. Portofino in calle Puerta del Mar is still closed ‘for holidays’, with what looks like a total renovation going on. Eva Gaudi and Blue Med on the paseo at Burriana beach have closed down permanently.

La Capilla del Mar closed for holidays

La Capilla del Mar on calle La Cruz, Nerja, is closed for holidays until New Year’s Eve. The restaurant is fully booked for New Year. La Rosaleda and Diamante Azul, next door to each other on avenida Mediterraneo, Nerja, have closed down.

Kronox open again

The cafe Kronox on the Balcón de Europa is once again open after the latest round of renovations. The Capricho Andaluz on the edge of Plaza Tutti Frutti, on the other hand, has closed down permanently.

Holiday closures

Maria Bonita in Plaza Fabrica de los Cangrejos is closed until November 30th, Bar Cavana in Plaza Cavana is closed until December 1st, Vitaliano, behind the iglesia El Salvador, is closed until December 3rd and Portofino in calle Puerta del Mar is closed for an unspecified period due to holidays and renovations.

Auction for Feria bars

From now until Wednesday September 26th at 14:00 is the period in which individuals and associations can present their bids for bars at this year’s Feria. The starting price for the auction will be lower than last year, €1,000 as opposed to €1,200. The bids will be opened at 10:00 on Thursday 27th in the Nerja Cultural Centre in calle …

One closes, another one opens

La Candela on calle Chaparil, Nerja, (next to restaurant Jacky) has closed – nobody seems to be able to make that location work. And Barbacoa on calle Jaén has reopened.

Holiday closures

The Cottage restaurant in calle Cristo is closed until December 21st, Gusti y Sapori in calle Cristo is closed for holidays, La Taberna in calle Cristo is closed until February 1st 2012 and Cafe Italica in Plaza Cavana is closed until December 19th.

More holiday closures

The bar/restaurant Rey Alfonso on the Balcon de Europa is closed for holidays, as is Lizzaran on the Plaza Balcón de Europa. Lizzaran reopens on December 25th.

Diamante Azul

The former Heksenketel and Carpe Diem opposite the Monica Hotel on avenida Mediterraneo, neither of which lasted very long, has now become the Diamante Azul.