More closures

Bar Avenida on avenida Pescia (near the police station) has closed down, as has D Rita in calle Pintada and the small bar/cafe El Pasaje in pasaje Cantarero which used to do some delicious churros. The Acorn Inn on avenida Castilla Perez has closed again as has the restaurant Il Bambino on the same street.

Swanning around…

Although the recently re-opened El Cangrejo has changed ownership, that’s basically all that has changed. There is still a huge selection of great tapas and a beer and a tapas will only set you back €1.30.

Chiringuitos in Andalucia will not apply IVA hike

The president of the Federación Andaluza de Empresarios de Playas (Faeplayas), Norberto del Castillo, has said that chiringuitos in Andalucia will not be applying the July 1st IVA increase from 16% to 18%.

FACUA survey of bars in Andalucía

The consumer group FACUA has been carrying out a survey of around 670 bars in 21 cities in Andalucía in relation to the conservation of food, hygiene, information, accessibility to users with limited mobility and compliance with the tobacco laws.

The Rincón initiative

Entrepreneurs in Rincón de la Victoria are the latest to request more flexibility with regard to the opening times of bars and restaurants as a means of stimulating the local economy.

From J to V…

Although very little has really altered inside the bar, the outside is a little different now and with a different name. Formerly Jago’s, it is now Vago’s, with a painting of a guy lounging in a chair.

Dia del Residente participants

Organisations participating on Dia del Residente on Sunday April 19th, either with an information stand or a refreshment area are:

Things happening all over…

A lot of changing of hands, comings and goings during the past few months and it will probably continue for some time to come. At least there are roughly the same number of new places opening as there are old businesses closing down. The Smugglers Inn, which finally changed hands, is closed today as it gets a new lick of …