Business associations in the Axarquia complain about cleanliness of beaches

Five business associations in Nerja, Frigiliana, Vélez-Málaga, Algarrobo and Torre del Mar have denounced the poor state of cleanliness of many of the beaches in the eastern Costa del Sol during the summer months and are asking the (oxymoron alert) competent authorities to adopt measures to prevent the situation from occurring next summer.

Beach crawl, the good and the not so good…

Strangely, El Chucho beach is the one beach that does actually have an explanation of the warning flag system on the information board. Quite a few people on the beach this afternoon…

Beach crawl…

A lot of people on the beaches yesterday, although some more crowded than others. Calahonda beach was probably the most densely packed with a lot of people enjoying the periodic big (relatively speaking) rolling waves.

Two lifeguards were hired without having the necessary qualifications

Following a study into accusations that several lifeguards were hired without having the necessary qualifications, the Mayor has relieved the coordinator for Operational Services of his duties and recommended to the Association of Municipalities of the Costa del Sol Axarquia that the contracts of two lifeguards be cancelled.

Disposable ashtrays

Disposable ashtrays have been made available on all beaches in Nerja in an attempt to get people not to discard cigarette ends in the sand. The same applies for gum, sunflower seed shells and other pollutants. The ashtrays are supplied by Ecolilla and double up as an advertising medium.

Legal massage service on Fuengirola beaches

The beaches of Fuengirola and Los Boliches have become the first in Málaga province to offer a legal massage service, an initiative to improve the tourist experience in the municipality.

Early(ish) Sunday morning stroll…

Sunday morning, 10:30, and work was going on in Plaza Fabrica de los Cangrejos in preparation for the Virgen del Carmen celebrations, one of the petanca pistes being turned into a large sardine mound. And the bar was also being set up.

Tarifa charges for taking vehicles to the beaches

Tarifa Council has imposed a tax on motorists taking vehicles to the beaches, €1.50 for cars and €5.00 for motor caravans, and have expressed surprise at the negative reaction to the measure.

Out and about on a scorcher…

The railings on the Balcón de Europa have been given a lick of paint for the summer visitors – everything is done for the visitors, rarely for the residents – as have many of the road crossings.

Lifeguards now in attendance on municipal beaches

Starting today, Saturday June 23rd, lifeguards will be in attendance on Maro, Burriana, Carabeíllo, Calahonda, El Salón, Torrecilla, El Chucho and El Playazo beaches. There will be two coordination posts one on Burriana beach and one on Torrecilla. Rescue vessels and a jet ski will also be available.