Out and About October 26th 2014…

Beautiful weather for the end of October and still plenty of people on the beaches. The water is apparently quite warm, although haven’t tried it myself.

Summer beach stats

The municipal statisticians have been hard at work once more following the end of the official summer bathing season.

Out and About August 13th 2014…

I know opinions are divided on the subject of ‘street artists’, but it does seem a little strange to wander around all day and not see a single busker, juggler, living statue or other itinerant entertainer anywhere on the streets.

Out and About July 13th 2014…

The odd banks of sea mist throughout the day but it was nevertheless quite warm. Beautifully flat calm sea and crystal clear water.

Doggy beach for Málaga

Dogs love beaches, and Málaga will this weekend have a beach where owners and their canine companions can coexist without fear of retribution.

New walkways for Burriana and Torrecilla beaches

It has been noticed that the current walkways linking the promenades at Burriana and Torrecilla beaches with the sandy areas are made of wood and, as a result, are easily damaged in one way or another.

Shoes, roadworks and other bits…

Temperatures suddenly dropped again after the long weekend ‘glitch’  of calm, sunny days and temperatures in the twenties. There were plenty of people on the beaches at the weekend, even a few dangling their toes in the water.