Out and About August 13th 2014…

I know opinions are divided on the subject of ‘street artists’, but it does seem a little strange to wander around all day and not see a single busker, juggler, living statue or other itinerant entertainer anywhere on the streets.

They have obviously got the message from the local authorities. In Rincón de la Victoria you now need prior official authorisation (licence) to build sand sculptures. Kids can still build sandcastles, though…at least for the moment.

Excuse me madame, but do you have a licence to display that grin on your face?

After a calm start to the day it gradually got quite windy and the flags began to change from green to yellow.

Alfonso, Nerja

Balcon de Europa, Nerja

Calle Pintada, Nerja

Chinese Rose

Chinese Rose

Balcon de Europa, Nerja

Balcon de Europa, Nerja

Only saw one guy selling sunglasses and one woman selling jewellery, amazing.

  1. we want nerja to be a fun place so tourists return year after year.
    however sometimes there are just too many ”musicians” expecting you to forage about for loose change in the middle of a lovely meal.
    likewise the ”looky looky people can be annoying and intimidating, even on the beaches.
    so I think there should be some sort of licensing system to keep the numbers down.
    however the skills of the characterture painters and all the artists on the balcon in the evening adds to the buzz.
    also the beach sculptures are amazing.
    the street performers with their sticks and bubbles and the wonderful imaginations of the statue people would be sadly missed.
    why would you object to them?
    as for the beggars, that’s another problem.
    how do we know the”wheat from the chaff”
    I love nerja and have no plans to live elsewhere but I hope it doesn’t become a fuddy duddy town.

    • I agree that it’s the quirkiness of the characters you come across in Nerja that add to its charm. The ones I find most irritating are the masseurs on Burriana Beach with their constant asking if you want a massage – I sometimes feel like laying there with a neon sign over me saying “For the love of God NO I DO NOT want a massage!” However, I am never rude, and just find that if you are firm but pleasant people will not pester you for too long.

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