Antenna finally removed in Benajarafe

After six years of complaints from local residents, and unable to obtain judicial authorisation, the Council and Vodafone finally reached an agreement to remove the unlicensed mobile phone antenna located in the Cortijada Los Pérez area of Benajarafe.

Mobile antenna in Benajarafe to be removed

Vélez-Málaga Council is all set to begin the dismantling of a mobile phone antenna in the Cortijada Los Pérez area of Benajarafe after 15 years of complaints by local residents.

Legionella in Benajarafe

Three people admitted to the Hospital Comarca in Vélez-Málaga in the past six weeks have been diagnosed as having pneumonia as a result of infection by the Legionella bacteria.

Thieves apprehended in Benajarafe

National Police officers in Benajarafe, Vélez-Málaga, have arrested three people in connection with burglaries at the home of a British national.

Cable thieves caught in Benajarafe

Two youths aged 18 years and 20 years have been detained by Local Police in Benajarafe on suspicion of stealing electrical cabling in the area. The youths were surprised by a Local Police patrol in an urbanisation in Benajarafe and were inside a vehicle containing cutting tools and about 25 kilos of recently removed electrical cable.

Three-year-old rescued from pool after his arm got stuck

A three year old boy had to be rescued from a pool in Benajarafe, Vélez Málaga, after his arm became stuck in a suction pipe a few centimetres below the surface. Firemen partially emptied the pool and then chipped away at the concrete to rescue the boy who was then treated at the local Health Centre.

Old football field dismantled in Benajarafe

The Málaga Department of Coasts has spent the past week dismantling the old football field in Benajarafe. It occupied an area of 12,000 square metres and was located near the beach on public domain land.

Demolition of mobile phone antenna is delayed

The demolition of a mobile phone antenna in Cortijada Los Pérez, Benajarafe, could take at least another four or five months after the owners filed an administrative appeal against the Council’s decision.