Still plugging away

The PP government has presented a motion requesting the Junta de Andalucia to make provision in its budget for 2014 for a number of Nerja projects deemed to be outstanding, these including the Health Centre, Fire Station and the Employment and Training Centre.

Budget doesn’t add up

The projected outstanding public debt figure for 2014 will not now be 99.8% as announced earlier this week in the draft budget, but will be 98.9% after the discovery of a €10 billion ‘error’.

2013 budget debate

The Council will today debate the 2013 budget which has been set at €22,922,574.73, which is €250,000 less than last year due to a decrease in revenues. The budget for 2013 is said to focus on social affairs and the generation of employment.

No money in 2013 budget for new Health Centre

The long-awaited meeting between the Councillor for Public Health, Nuchi Moreno, and the provincial Health Delegate, Daniel Pérez, has taken place and it has apparently been confirmed that there are no funds available in 2013 for the construction of a new Health Centre.

Almachar approves budget for 2013

Almachar Council has approved its budget for 2013 in the amount of €2,353,175, an increase of 6.12% compared to 2012. It includes increased spending on social benefits including the ‘baby cheque’.

Record budget for 2013

The general financial crisis, cuts in staff, reduced spending on fiestas and ferias, cuts to protocols, transport, sports and legal costs to name but a few…none of these have stopped Vélez-Málaga from producing a 2013 budget of record proportions.

Initial approval of 2012 Budget

The 2012 Budget was initially approved with the casting vote of the Mayor, Francisco Muñoz (PSOE), after the proposal to create five new political ‘positions of trust’, one for each party, was withdrawn.

PSOE proposes increasing political spending

It may be a time of financial crisis and municipal coffers may be low, but the ruling minority PSOE government is proposing to increase political spending by 37.5% in the hope of persuading the opposition parties to support the 2012 Budget.

Budget 2012

The PSOE in Torrox has given the green light to a proposed budget for 2012 which predicts income of €20,094,534.37 and expenses of €19,448,293.65, giving a surplus of €646,240.72. There is a provision for investments of €2.1 million. The IU, PIU and PSA have reserved judgement on the budget until the next plenary session of the Council on August 20th.