Twp drug boats intercepted in Cádiz province

Three people have been arrested and a total of 1,500 kilos of hashish has been seized after two boats were intercepted, one near Sanlucar de Barrameda and the other in the Puerto de Chipiona, both in Cádiz province.

Priest jailed as preventative measure

A judge has ordered the provisional imprisonment of the 40-year-old priest, director of the Salesionos College in Cádiz, following the accusations of corporal punishment, threats and non-consensual touching of over forty young pupils at the school.

Guardia Civil seize 1,800 kilos of hashish

In the early hours of Saturday morning, Guardia Civil officers intercepted a shipment of 1,800 kilos of hashish being brought in by boat down the río Guadarranque, Cádiz province. There have been no arrests so far.

Cádiz ambulance strike averted

After eight hours of negotiations, ambulance service workers in Cádiz have agreed to suspend planned strike action and the ambulance companies SSGA, Digamar and Ambulancias Barbate have agreed to withdraw disciplinary proceedings. Both sides have agreed to resume dialogue through the arbitration service SERCLA.

Strike by metalworkers in Cádiz

Workers in the metal industry in Cádiz, some 10,000 people, are beginning strike action today, Monday, claiming it has been impossible to reach an agreement with employers during mediation talks. As part of the protest, a convoy of vehicles will set off at 11:00 from the Río San  Pedro industrial estate in Puerto Real and head to the offices of the …

New newspaper for Cádiz

Cádiz has a new newspaper today, Wednesday, called The Independent and purporting to be a new medium of communication, created and run by journalists, which is free of political and business interests.

Fatal fire in Cádiz

Firemen who arrived on the scene to put out a fire on Saturday morning at a home in calle Marqués del Real Tesoro , Cádiz, discovered the body of a woman in the house. The blaze is thought to have been started by a heater and early indications show the woman probably died from smoke inhalation.