Fatal accident in Espiel, Córdoba

Police are trying to identify a body found this morning at the side of the N-432 near Espiel, Córdoba. All the signs indicate that the person, who had no documentation, was hit by a vehicle.

Investigation into alleged falsification of gold in Córdoba

National Police have been raiding jewellery workshops and factories in Córdoba in an ongoing investigation into the alleged falsification of gold products. Some arrests have already been made and a number of items seized.

Body found under bridge in Córdoba

The body of a 34 year old woman, possibly homeless, was found this morning under the Chinales bridge on the Pedroche industrial estate in Córdoba. There were apparently no signs of violence on the body and an autopsy is being carried out to determine the cause of death.

Elderly cyclist killed in Hornachuelos, Córdoba

A 72 year old cyclist died on Friday afternoon in Hornachuelos, Córdoba, after being hit by a vehicle. The incident occurred at 16:45 at km 38 of the A-431 near the Sifón bridge on the outskirts of Hornachuelos.

Suicide in Córdoba

A 36 year old member of the ‘Stop Evictions’ group committed suicide on Friday in Córdoba after receiving a letter from the Inland Revenue and Heritage saying that he had an outstanding debt of €22,000 relating to the sale of his house a year earlier.

Freight train derails in Córdoba

A freight train derailed on Friday morning near Los Cansinos station in Córdoba, causing problems for rail traffic between Sevilla, Córdoba and Málaga with Barcelona.

Fatal accident in Espiel, Córdoba

A nine year old boy died on Saturday afternoon after being hit by a dumper truck which overturned at km 218 on the N-432 in Espiel, Córdoba. Medics could do nothing to save the life of the child.