Council plans to reduce electricity bill

Vélez-Málaga Council is planning to save €74,000 on the current municipal electricity bill and is also putting the municipal electricity up for tender at €800,000, which it is said will result in savings of 20% on the one million euro per year bill. It could also, of course, mean that when the Council inevitably defaults on payments to the concessionaire, …

Electricity up 7%, gas up by 5%

On Saturday the Official State Gazette (BOE) published details of the decree requiring the cost of the electricity system to be reduced and today, April 1st, the price to the consumer has increased by 7%.

A-7 remains in darkness

For the past month, most of the 71 kilometres of the A-7 motorway has been dark at night after several municipalities decided to stop paying the electricity bills for the road as they believe it should be the responsibility of the Ministry of Development and not the municipal authorities.

Government suspends proposed electricity hike

The Minister for Industry, Tourism and Trade, Miguel Sebastián, has announced that the proposed increases in electricity tariffs as per July 1st have been suspended.

New Year prices

The new year heralds a couple of price increases but it’s not all bad news as pensions and the minimum wage both increase and the cost of a Telefonica landline remains frozen for the second year running.

TUR electricity price to rise as from January 1st

The electricity tariff TUR (Tariff of last resort), the only one set by the government and affecting 22.7 million homes and small businesses, is set to rise by 2.64% as from January 1st 2010. This will mean an increase in the monthly bill of the average user (consuming 293 kilowatts per year) of around €0.89.

San Juan misdemeanours

In the past couple of days, the Local Police on Burriana beach have recovered a number of the wooden panels used as walkways or paths on the beach after they ‘disappeared’ during the San Juan celebrations.

Power to the people

Continued complaints from residents and businesses in the historical centre of Nerja regarding inadequacies in the electricty supply have resulted in the Council reaching an agreement with Sevillana-Endesa to build a new sub-station.