New and improved…

Interesting email regarding the new, improved customer service being provided by the water company:

Trojan alert

The National Police is warning people not to open a dodgy email purporting to come from [email protected] citing them to attend court.

Do this at your peril

There will be many who can relate to these sorts of situations, not too infrequent these days…If you do this in an email…Good stuff from Oatmeal as usual.

Big Brother

In the UK, a report has revealed that the police and other official bodies made 504,073 surveillance requests to telephone and email companies. That is the equivalent of tapping the phone and email of one in seventy-eight members of the adult population.

Too good to be true

There are always great bargains to be had, fantastic deals on offer, it’s just a matter of shopping around or, as in this case, being lucky enough to have one delivered right to your doorstep. This one came in, looks rather enticing, doesn’t it?

Electronic denuncias in Coín

The Local Police in Coín has set up two email addresses to enable denuncias to be made via the internet and, as a result, anonymously. The address [email protected] is the all-purpose mailbox and [email protected] relates solely to incidents involving those under 18 years of age.