Five Spanish banks fail stress test

Eight out of 90 European banks have failed stress tests carried out by the European Banking Authority (EBA) and designed to ensure they can withstand another financial crisis. A further 16 banks were in the danger zone.

European Commission makes economic recommendations

The European Commission has set out individual recommendations for the economies of each of the EU’s 27 member states and the eurozone as a whole, at the same time complaining that members’ economic reform plans often lack ambition and are not specific enough.

Eurozone unemployment in October

Unemployment in the Eurozone rose by 0.1% in October to 10.1% although Spanish unemployment remained stable at an unhealthy 20.7%. In the EU as a whole, unemployment for October remained stable at 9.6%.

Tuna quotas cut by 4%

The International Committee for the Conservation of Atlantic Tuna (ICCAT) has agreed a compromise on the reduction of quotas which pleases neither the conservationists nor the fishing industry.


Learner drivers could fail their driving test if they pose a threat to the planet, under new proposals being draw up by the European Commission. How long before politicians are tested to see if they pose a threat to the gene pool?

The Spanish presidency of the EU

A debate in the European Parliament to evaluate the Spanish presidency of the European Union resulted in several references to the World Cup, German Liberal Alexander Graf Lambsdorff describing Spain’s performance to that of Fernando Torres in South Africa, ‘great expectations, but very disappointing’.

Changing with the times

Google seems to be having more effect, or influence at least, on our lives as each day passes. In France, in Normandy to be more precise, is the little market town of Eu, population 8,000. The town is the site of a nice little chateau and the powers that be are keen to attract visitors. However, ‘Googling’ Eu tends to …

EU warns airlines about their websites

The EU is warning airlines to get their websites in order within the next year or face punishment. Around 700 million passengers book their airline tickets online each year.