Ehumation in Rincón de la Victoria

At around 22:00 on November 8th 1979, a woman from Rincón de la Victoria gave birth to a baby at the Carlos Haya hospital in Málaga. At around 03:30, the mother and her husband were informed that the baby had died.

Exhumation in ‘stolen baby’ case

An exhumation will take place at the San Gabriel cemetery in Málaga at 11:30 on Friday as part of an investigation into babies allegedly stolen during and after the Franco regime.

Whatever happened to R.I.P.?

Researchers, led by art historian Silvano Vinceti, are proposing to try and identify the woman who sat for Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa by digging up the remains of Italian noblewoman Lisa Gherardini.

Civil War graves in Alfarnatejo

The first exhumations of Civil War mass graves in the Axarquia, which has been taking place in and around the cemetery in Alfarnatejo, has turned up a somewhat unexpected result.

Is nothing sacred?

A team of scientists and scientists have formulated plans to exhume the presumed remains of Leonardo da Vinci and have requested that his tomb at Amboise Castle in the Loire valley be opened. Why?