Horses at the Feria

This year’s Feria will have two official equestrian components, one being a daily procession of horse riders and the other being a carousel with musical accompaniment and various prizes.

Feria 2015 activities for the kids

This year’s Nerja Feria will have a ‘Caseta Infantil’ with activities aimed at the younger members of the community, these taking place on the 10th, 11th and 12th of October.

Feria 2015 candidates, photo exhibition

Thursday September 24th at the Sala Mecado in Plaza La Ermita is the inauguration of the exhibition of photos of the Feria 2015 ‘Caballero’ and ‘Reina’ hopefuls.

Alternative music at Feria 2015

This year’s Nerja Feria (October 8th to 12th) will see an area for various concerts of ‘alternative’ music, from reggae to metal-flamenco and everything in between.

Another win for Álvaro Fernández

No surprises in the XXXII Carrera Urbana Feria de Maro, Álvaro Fernández from the Cueva de Nerja-UMA Athletics Club winning the event.

Free shuttle bus for the Maro Feria

This year, for the very first time, there will be a free shuttle bus service between Nerja and Maro for the upcoming feria in Maro.

Maro Feria Street Race

The annual Carrera Urbana (Street Race), part of the maro Feria celebrations, takes place on Friday September 4th 2015.

Fifty years of Feria posters

From September 4th to 20th there is an exhibition of posters from the Nerja Feria from the past fifty years.