Torrox chiringuitos in the firing line

The Provincial Department of Coasts in Málaga has informed Torrox Council that it is initiating proceedings relating to a number of chiringuitos installed on the public shoreline which exceed the maximum dimensions of twenty square metres permitted by law. Potential fines could be as high as €60,000.

Community service option in Vélez-Málaga

Vélez-Málaga Council has drafted a new municipal ordinance to allow certain offenders to opt for community service instead of paying a fine, the measure to be put before the full Council at its next session.

End of radar test period in Torrox tunnel

As from today, fines will be issued to drivers exceeding the speed limit in the tunnels on the AP-6 in Guadarrama (Madrid) and the AP-7 in Torrox (Málaga). Until now, only warning letters have been sent out to offenders.

Algarrobo introduces community service option

Algarrobo Council has adapted municipal ordinances so that as from Wednesday December 22nd, people between the ages of 14 years and 25 years who commit certain crimes will have the option to do community service rather than pay fines.

Hefty fines for price fixing

Shipping companies operating in the Strait of Gibraltar between Algeciras and Ceuta could be fined as much as €10 million for price fixing agreements made and carried out in 2008 and 2009.

Graffiti artists caught red-handed

Two graffiti artists caught painting on the Albaicín monastery are the first to suffer the consequences of the new municipal ordinances in Granada whereby the defacing of protected monuments is classified as ‘gross misconduct’ and carries a €3,000 fine.

Boat owners agree to pay up

The owners of three Spanish vessels detained in Guinea Bissau since October 8th have agreed to pay a fine of €100,000 each to retrieve their boats after exhausting all diplomatic means to have the penalties reduced.

When you can’t do right for doing wrong

In many countries still, the concept of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ remains at the heart of the legal system. In the UK, however, it appears more and more the case that the onus is on the accused to prove himself innocent. This seems to apply both to serious crimes and now, to the lesser (or sillier) crimes, the following being …

Bigger discounts when paying motoring fines

The parliamentary groups in Congress have agreed a joint amendment to the penal reform relating to road safety, whereby a reduction of 50% is applicable if motoring fines are paid within fifteen days. The current discount is 30% and the original penal reform contained a proposal to raise this to 40%. Other proposed amendments include:

More fines for market traders

Six more market traders have received notice of fines relating to disorderly conduct and breaching regulations regarding street protests. One of the traders faces a fine of up to €6,000, the rest up to €3,000. In July, a dozen traders received notifications of similar fines. Needless to say, all are appealing against the imposition of these fines.