Forest fire in Rasquera, Tarragona

A fire which started on Tuesday in Rasquera, Tarragona, is still out of control and has so far destroyed 3,000 hectares of land, 400 of which are forest.

Forest fire under control

The forest fire which began in the Serrania de Ronda on Saturday was finally brought under control at 18:00 on Monday. The blaze has destroyed 750 hectares of chestnut, pine and scrub land in the municipalities of Pujerra, Benahavis, Jubrique and Júzcar.

Forest fire in Tarifa under control

A forest fire near to the El Cuartón urbanisations in Tarifa which has so far destroyed 20 hectares of cork trees and scrub land has been brought under control. An investigation has started into the causes of the fire but there is apparently already evidence to suggest that it was caused intentionally.

Forest fire near Álora

A forest fire in El Chorro, near Álora, has necessitated the eviction of several people from their homes.

Mijas fire under control

The forest fire in Mijas, now thought to have been started intentionally, is under control and there were no incidents during the night.

Forest fire in Níjar under control

A forest fire which began on Wednesday evening in the Fernán Pérez area of Níjar, Almeria, is now under control after firefighters worked through the night to extinguish the blaze.

Zalamea La Real forest fire could have been started intentionally

Early evidence suggests that the forest fire which started on Monday in the ‘El Pozuelo’ area of Zalamea La Real, Huelva, was started intentionally. Around 17 hectares of land was destroyed in the blaze, the largest fire in the province so far this year.

Forest fire in Zalamea La Real

A forest fire near Zalamea La Real in Huelva province has been brought under control and extinguished, although the area is still being monitored until it cools and there is no chance of the fire restarting.