Four Guardia Civil officers detained

In an incident unlikely to help relations between the UK and Spain on the thorny subject of Gibraltar, four Guardia Civil officers were detained after arriving at the Rock while chasing a boat containing suspected drug smugglers.

Princess Anne arrives in Gibraltar

Princess Anne arrived in Gibraltar at 4:30 this afternoon aboard a Royal Air Force plane which had to contend with stormy weather and high winds. A Guard of Honour comprising 4 officers and 48 other ranks was on hand to greet her and after playing the national anthem, the Military Band played music from the Indiana Jones movies.

Spain makes formal protest against visit by Princess Anne

Spain has made a formal protest against the visit to Gibralter by Princess Anne which the Government deems is ‘inappropriate’ and ‘hurtful’ to the Spanish people, particularly those in the Campo de Gibraltar area.

Princess Royal to visit Gibraltar

Princess Anne is due to visit Gibraltar in March to inaugurate a new medical centre, a move which does not please the Spanish authorities who describe the visit as ‘inopportune’. The Princess will reportedly be in Gibraltar for three days, March 4th to March 6th, to inaugurate the Princess Royal Medical Centre. The facility is built on the small isthmus, …


The effects of the economic crisis on the shipping industry can now be seen off Gibraltar, where some twenty boats are currently anchored as they await new customers. The boats anchor on the eastern side of the Rock, an area where they do not need to pay port charges. This in itself is considered somewhat of a potential hazard as …

Ecologists in Action criticise latest arrival in Gibraltar

The environmental group Ecologists in Action have criticised the arrival of the latest ‘floating bomb’ in Gibraltar, the American nuclear powered submarine USS Alexandria. The USS Alexandria, a Los Angeles class submarine carrying Tomahawk and Harpoon missiles, is the fifth nuclear vessel to arrive in Gibraltar this year, the others being the USS Hartford, USS Florida, HMS Superb and the …

Spanish Foreign Minister due in Gibraltar

The Gibraltar First Minister, Peter Caruana, has been in Madrid where he stated the Gibraltar would never be Spanish, neither ‘in reality nor in dreams’, without the full, free and voluntary consent of the people living on the rock. He added that any attempt by Spain to recover sovereignty without such consent would not be acceptable, neither to the EU …

Floating bomb departs

The nuclear powered submarine USS Dallas has left Gibraltar after a week-long stay, much to the delight of the environmental group Ecologists in Action.