The sabres are rattling again

Whenever there is a spat between the UK and Spanish governments, the people who end up suffering are the residents of Gibraltar, Spanish workers who travel to the Rock for their livelihood, businesses on both sides of the border and tourists from all over the world visiting the territory. There have been various niggles during the past few months, including …

Another nuclear sub in Gibraltar

A second nuclear submarine has stopped off in Gibraltar in less than one week, the latest being HMS Trenchant. Last week it was HMS Talent.

Gibraltar introduces traffic cams

The Government of Gibraltar has introduced a network of surveillance cameras on the border with Spain to capture images of queues of vehicles as they leave the Rock. They are in operation 24 hours a day and you can enjoy all the action here: Gibcams 

Four kilometre traffic queues at Gibraltar crossing

Road traffic between La Linea de la Concepción and Gibraltar came to a standstill yesterday afternoon with vehicles backed up for four kilometres and scuffles breaking out at various points in the queue.

Fishermen looking to resolve conflict with Gibraltar

The fishermen’s associations in La Linea de la Concepción and Algeciras are due to meet today to try and reach a common understanding and agreement on the question of Gibraltar and fishing.

Queen Sofia will not be attending Diamond Jubilee lunch

Queen Sofia of Spain, great-great granddaughter of Queen Victoria and first cousin-once-removed of Prince Philip, has been ordered not to attend Friday’s Diamond Jubilee lunch for Queen Elizabeth II because of an escalating diplomatic row over Gibraltar and fishing rights.

Guardia Civil patrol boat intercepted by Gibraltar Police

The Spanish Government is to issue a formal protest to the UK authorities relating to the detention of a Guardia Civil patrol boat in the waters near Gibraltar, the Asociación Unificada de la Guardia Civil describing the ‘incident’ as an act of piracy.

SatNav on, brain off

SatNav can be a great asset when driving, but turning on the device doesn’t mean you should turn off your brain. In the latest of a long line of incidents, a Syrian lorry driver started out from Antakya in Eastern Turkey and heading for Gibraltar. He ended up at Gibraltar Point in Lincolnshire, some 1,600 kilometres off course. One would …