Seven migrants intercepted off the Granada coast

Seven adult North African male migrants were intercepted this morning off the coast of Granada. The small dinghy, barely four metres in length, was spotted by the cameras of the SIVE surveillance system and Maritime Rescue vessels were sent to intercept. The passengers, all in good health, were taken to the port of Motril for processing.

Roadworks in Viznar, Granada

The March rains have caused movement of earth on a stretch of the A-92 in Viznar,Granada, at km 250.9, causing damage to the road and serious damage to the retaining wall, built in 2010 at a cost of €329,222.

Santa Fe withdraws ERE

Municipal employees in Santa Fe, Granada, had to suspend their planned protest march against proposed redundancies after the Council withdrew the ERE.

No more free telecare service in Granada

A total of 1,800 elderly people in Granada have begun their first day without the telecare ‘red button’ service provided by the company Televida after the Council decided to cancel the service. The intention is to provide a new service but one which will cost users around €20 per month.

British Airways launch Granada to London route

British Airways will be operating flights between Federico García Lorca airport in Granada and London City airport in the UK as from July 25th 2013 with four flights per week, on  Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Tickets will be priced at around €100 and go on sale today. BA will be using 98 seater aircraft on this new route.

First victim of the rains

The rainy season has claimed its first victim, a 54 year old man from La Peza in Granada. He leaves behind a wife and two children.

Young boy dies in tragic accident in Granada

Tragedy struck on Sunday evening when a four year old boy fell into a pit of water on the La Paz industrial estate in Granada and drowned. The family had apparently gone to the area to take pictures of an old factory.

Granada rubbish strike is over

The strike by rubbish collectors in Granada is over after an agreement was reached between the unions and the municipal concessionaire, Inagra. The task now is to get rid of the 2,300 tons of rubbish littering the streets and this is expected to be completed by the end of the week