Hotel occupancy in Andalucia was 65%

Hotel occupancy in Andalucia during the ‘puente’ weekend finished up at 65% with an even distribution throughout the region. The tourists visiting Andalucia were mostly national and their spending power was greater than in previous years.

Hotel occupancy in Andalucia

Overall hotel and rural villa occupancy rates in Andalucia for the long ‘puente’ weekend are at 62.1%, with 625,565 overnight stays currently having been booked. However, given the propensity for last minute bookings, this figure is expected to rise to 75.4% occupancy and 762,816 overnight stays. Bookings in coastal areas are at around 68%.

Easter hotel occupancy

According to the Councillor for Tourism, José Miguel García, hotel occupancy in Nerja over the Easter holiday was at 90% of capacity. The majority of the tourists were Spanish nationals.

Hotel occupancy is up

The current good weather has encouraged many tourists, particularly domestic, to head for the beaches during the long, Pilar holiday weekend and hoteliers are reporting that occupancy rates are well above those of last year.

Good holiday period for the Sierra Nevada ski resort

Despite pretty good weather along the coast over the holiday period and the Semana Santa celebrations, the Sierra Nevada ski station has been doing very well. Hotel occupancy has been at just over 70% and between 5,000 and 6,000 people have been visiting the resort each day.

Hotel occupancy in Andalucía

Hotels in Andalucía are still expecting an overall occupancy rate of 80% during the Semana Santa holiday period, similar to last year.

Hotel occupancy during the summer

The latest official municipal figures for tourism during the summer show an overall average hotel occupancy rate of 93.8%, just 0.4% down on last year. The Council view this as ‘positive’, especially in view of the current economic climate. They do, however, seem to acknowledge that any optimism is not shared by businesses in the tourist sector who report that …