Hotel occupancy over Easter

According to the Councillor for Tourism, hotel occupancy over the Easter Period reached 85.2% – Thursday to Saturday being 85.2% and whole week occupancy being 78.2% – which puts it well above the figure of 70% for the rest of the Costa del Sol.

Summer stats from the Nerja Tourist Office

Average hotel occupancy in Nerja during June, July and August was 90.2%, according to the Nerja Tourist Office, exceeding last year’s figure of 89.12%. June was apparently 86.51%, July was 90.74 and August was 93.36%. In addition, 23,987 people visited the Nerja Tourist Office during the summer: 4,298 in June (majority British), 7,518 in July (majority Spanish) and 12,171 in August …

Above average hotel occupancy over Easter

According to data collected by the Tourist Office, hotel occupancy in Nerja during Easter week was 80.9%, which is ten points above the average experienced in the province of Málaga as a whole. In addition, 2,644 people visited the Tourist Office with the busiest day being Easter Tuesday with 481 visitors.

Disappointing hotel occupancy rates in Andalucia

Hotel occupancy in Andalucia during the first part of Holy Week, particularly in coastal areas, has been disappointingly low at around 55% with many people apparently changing their Easter holiday plans due to the weather.

Poor hotel occupancy for the ‘puente’

The president of the Andalucian Catering Federation has reported that this current ‘puente’, one of the longest, is the worst in history as far as hotel occupancy is concerned.

Torremolinos is tops

During July 2011, Torremolinos was apparently the city with the highest average hotel occupancy rate, not only along the Costa del Sol but also throughout Spain.

Easter hotel occupancy in Nerja

The Councillor for Tourism, José Miguel García, has reported that hotel occupancy in Nerja during Easter Week was 90.7%, higher than last year (86.6%) but slightly down on predicted rates of 91.99% as a result of last minute cancellations due to bad weather.

Semana Santa statistics for Andalucia

A total of 742,000 tourists visited Andalucia during Holy Week, a 4.4% increase compared to 2010, while spending remained roughly the same as last year at €358 million.

Hotel occupancy during Semana Santa

A week ago, predictions for hotel occupancy rates in Andalucia during Semana Santa were for record levels, particularly relating to last minute bookings. The reality has turned out to be something different, around 70% overall, mainly as a result of the bad weather.

Hotel occupancy predictions for Easter

Information provided by hoteliers in Nerja suggests an overall occupation rate of 91.9% during Easter week and possibly 100% on the Thursday and Friday. Last year, the average rate over the week was 86.8%.