IBI extension

The Provincial Revenue Office has extended the deadline for automating household IBI payments until February 14th. Paying by direct debit is one of the requirements to qualify for a grant to reduce the IBI (Rates) bill by up to 50 percent.

Council to apply IBI exemption for people who have lost their homes

Ronda Council is to apply an exemption for IBI Property Taxes (Rates) for people who have lost their homes, the payment of IBI to be the responsibility of the entities that own the property. The initiative is aimed at helping families who are suffering financial difficulties.

IBI for 2013

Those people required to pay IBI (rates) should shortly receive a letter asking if you wish to pay the IBI general rates for 2013 by one of the following methods: In 2 instalments, April and October; in 3 instalments, April, July and October or in 11 monthly instalments from January to November inclusive.

Torrox Council to reduce IBI rate for 2013

Torrox Council is reducing IBI (Rates) for 2013 by 10% from 0.77% to 0.7%, a measure aimed at helping families in the municipality. This will mean reduced revenues for the municipal coffers of around €600,000.

Ronda plans 12% IBI reduction

Ronda Council has voted to reduce IBI (Property Tax) by 12% for 2013, the rate going from the current 0.9256% to 0.825%. Most people, however, will not notice much real difference as the rate went up by 10% in 2012.

10% reduction in IBI in Torrox

Torrox Council has approved a motion to reduce IBI (Property Tax) by 10% next year as compensation for the increase imposed by the Central Government in December 2011. The rate will go from 7.7% to 7%.

IBI rate to decrease next year

The rate of IBI (rates) is set to go down next year from the current 0.485% to 0.475% making the rate one of the lowest in Málaga province.

IBI rate to be reduced

Nerja Council has approved a reduction in the IBI (rates) tax and has frozen local taxes in view of the continuing economic and financial crisis in the country. The opposition PSOE voted against the measure. The IBI rate is to be reduced from 0.514 to 0.485, representing a decrease of 5.64%.

IBI reminder

A reminder that, due to a legal problem, the Council is not able to extend the deadline for the payment IBI (rates) to November as has been the case for the past few years. IBI payments must now be made by September 10th 2010.

IBI payment period cannot now be extended

A change of plan as the Council is now unable to allow the postponement of IBI (rates) payments from September 10th to November 15th as originally announced and as has been the case in previous years. As a result, the voluntary payment of IBI must be made between now and September 10th.