Usual extension for payment of IBI

The time limit for the payment of IBI (rates) has once again been extended to November 1st. This has been deemed particularly necessary at this time as not only is there still a financial crisis, but gas prices have just gone up, IVA has been increased and it will soon be time for purchasing school books and materials.

Council approves IBI reduction

As expected, the motion to reduce the rate of IBI (rates) and freeze all local taxes and fees for 2010 was approved in plenary session with the ruling PP voting in favour, naturally, and the IU and PSOE abstaining.

IBI Tax (Rates) reminder

Anyone wishing to benefit from the offer of paying the IBI (Rates) Tax in installments, either 2 or 9 installments, needs to present their application at the Patronato de Recaudación Provincial in calle Cristo before February 20th. see Paying your IBI in installments for full details. There is no surcharge added for those opting to pay in installments.

Paying your IBI (Rates) in installments

The Tax Office has sent a letter to all property owners offering the possibility to pay the IBI (General Rates) in installments. The normal IBI payment date is from 1st July to 11 September and if you wish to continue paying that way then just disregard the letter. However, if you would like to pay in installments you must fill …

Easing the burden

Málaga Council is introducing a series of measures designed to help families during the current economic crisis.

IBI in installments for Vélez-Málaga

Vélez-Málaga Council has approved a new ordinance which will permit residents in the municipality to pay their IBI tax for 2009 in installments.

IBI – further extension

The final payment date for the payment of the 2008 IBI property tax has been put back once more, this time until November 17th.