Government studying increase in IVA rates

The Government and the Tax Office are studying the possibility of raising the rates of IVA (VAT) on products and services currently benefiting from reduced rates, such as tourism and foodstuffs, in order to raise more revenue.

30% increase in water rates in Coín

It is the good citizens of Coín who will be required to dig even deeper into their pockets to make up for the years of poor management of public funds with increases in water rates, refuse collection and the use of cultural and sporting venues.

Cártama increases water rates

Cártama Council has approved a modification of the water and sewage rates which will result in an increase in the rates of 13%. Residents will now pay around 3 euros per quarter.

Toll road charges to rise in January 2012

Motorway tolls are set to increase by an average of 3.2% as from January 1st 2012, the increase being above the rate of inflation which currently stands at 2.9%.