Number of divorces increased in 2010

The number of broken marriages in Spain increased by 2% in 2010 from 124,594 to 127,682, reversing the downward trend of divorces, separations and annulments that began in 2007.

CPI in Andalucia up by 1.3% in April

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose by 1.3% in Andalucia during April when compared to the previous month to give an annual rate of 3.9%.

Farm thefts on the increase in Huelva

Farmers in Huelva have complained that the number of robberies from farms has doubled in the past year and to counter this, they are planning to set up a surveillance system controlled via satellite.

Unemployment continues to rise

The number of unemployed registered with the Public Employment Service (former INEM) in Spain rose by 1.6% in February to 4,299,263, the highest level since 1996.

Electricity to go up by 9.8%

The proposed increase in the price of electricity proposed by the Ministry of  Industry has been approved by the Government Commission for Economic Affairs, meaning that the price of electricity will rise by an average of 9.8% as from January 1st 2011.

Increased rates in Torremolinos

Torremolinos Council has upgraded the status of around 200 streets in the municipality from third to second grade, a move which basically means an increase in taxes for public services, such as street cleaning etc, and bars will have to pay around 25% more for their terraces.

Hefty price hike…

Quite some increase in the cost of tobacco in the latest round of price hikes, a packet of rolling tobacco going from €3.60 to €4.95, a 37.5% increase.

Pensions to increase by 1.2% in January 2011

Eight and a half million pensioners should see an increase in their pensions of around 1.2% as from January 2011. This is because inflation increase in the month of November was 1.2 points above the predicted figure.

Natural gas prices set to rise

The price of natural gas is set to rise as from July 1st. The Tariff of Last Resort (TUR) T2 will increase by 8.1%, T1 by 7% and T3 by 9.3%. These increases do not take into account the rise in IVA (VAT) from 18% to 20%, also effective July 1st.

Torrox postpones water rates increase

Torrox Council has decided to postpone the proposed increase in water rates, due to take effect on July 1st, until after it has carried out a public information campaign to explain exactly why the increase is necessary.