Fire in immigrant camp in Lepe

Around 350 immigrants have been dislodged from their encampment in Lepe, Huelva, after one of the cardboard and plastic dwellings caught fire.

Not a friendly match

Eleven Guardia Civil patrol cars, an ambulance and Local Police patrols were needed at an infant football match between Lepe (Huelva) and Utrera (Sevilla) after the match descended into a mass brawl involving parents and relatives of the young children.

Sixteen injured after toxic spill in Lepe

Irritation of the eyes, itchy throat, nausea and vomiting began to affect the residents of one street in the Las Moreras district of Lepe on Friday night and sixteen people ended up being treated at the Health Centre for poisoning, several of those affected requiring oxygen.

Stabbing incident in Lepe, Huelva

A young Rumanian woman is in a serious condition in the hospital Infanta Elena in Huelva after being stabbed several times in the chest and back, allegedly by her former partner, also a Rumanian national.

Robot strawberry picker in Huelva

A robot specifically designed for collecting ‘industrial strawberries’ in Huelva province is expected to be operational next spring.