Theft of copper wire in Rincón de la Victoria

A stretch of the road between Rincón de la Victoria and Macharaviaya is without lighting after thieves stole 500 metres of copper wire from four power cables during the early hours of Monday morning.

Special market today in Macharaviaya

From 12:30 today, Sunday, there will not only be the traditional crafts market in plaza Bernardo de Gálvez in Macharaviaya but also sampling of local dishes, such as ‘callos’ (tripe) and ‘pestiños’ (fritters). In addition, there will be guided tours of the places of interest in the area.

Independence Day in Macharaviaya

Macharaviaya Council has approved a motion to ask the provincial authorities to declare the July 4th American Independence Day celebrations held in the town to be of Singular Tourist Interest. The local fiesta celebrates the important contribution to the event by local resident Bernardo de Gálvez.

History of Macharaviaya

Macharaviaya Council has published the first history book dedicated exclusively to the town, the volume tracing the development of the town from 1490 to 1864 and containing hitherto unknown details relating to the period before the arrival of the Gálvez family. Research for the book was carried out over many years by Juan Manuel García and the first 500 copies …

Macharaviaya twinned with Pensacola (USA)

Representatives from the municipality of Macharaviaya have been spending a few days in the US city of Pensacola as part of ‘twinning’ celebrations. The connection between the towns is Bernardo de Gálvez, a military figure born in Macharaviaya who became a hero of the fight for North American independence and was later Viceroy of Nueva España.

New municipal gymnasium for Macharaviaya

Macharaviaya Council is investing €140,000 in a new municipal gymnasium, the facility being located next to the swimming pool and football field.

Rubbish to go underground in Macharaviaya

Macharaviaya Council is set to begin the installation of two underground rubbish collection points, the first in the municipality, in a project valued at €40,000 and financed through the provincial Plan de Concertación 2011. The new collection points will be in calle Antonio de Gálvez and in the La Luz district.

American Independence Day in Macharaviaya

The municipality of Macharaviaya will be celebrating the Fiesta de la Independencia Americana (American Independence Day) a day early, on Saturday July 3rd.

New medical facility for Macharaviaya

Friday was the inauguration of a new medical centre in Macharaviaya, a €143,530 project funded by the provincial and regional governments.