All about image

Mijas is on the way to setting up a Council for Aesthetics to ensure the good image and beautification of the entire municipality.

New collective agreement signed in Mijas

Negotiations between Mijas Council and the unions (CCOO, UGT, CGT and UPLB) has resulted in the signing of a new collective agreement. The document is valid for three years and involves neither wage cuts nor redundancies.

Robbery gang arrested

The National Police and Guardia Civil have arrested six people, two of them minors, as suspected members of a gang carrying out robberies, often with violence, in Fuengirola and Mijas.

Change to licence requirements for minor works in Mijas

Mijas Council is trying to streamline procedures relating to minor building works and from now on, such works whose value is less than €1,000 will not require a municipal licence, although there are exceptions to the new rule.

Mijas limits noise levels at weekends

Mijas Council has modified its Coexistence Ordinance to limit the noise generated by the execution of building works and repairs during weekends. From 15:00 on Saturday to 08:00 on Monday the noise level must not exceed 65 decibels, the aim being to afford residents a bit of rest.

Ashes of deceased person found in park

On Wednesday morning, a municipal employee working in a park near urbanisation Riviera del Sol in Mijas came across a rucksack bearing the name ‘Parcesam’, the company managing the cemetery in San Cayetano, Fuengirola. Inside the backpack was an urn containing ashes.

Another fire in Mijas

One person has been arrested and police are searching for a second person in connection with a fire in Mijas on Friday which necessitated evacuating around 70 people from their homes.