Councillor for Culture criticises Cultural delegate

On Tuesday, the regional delegate for Culture, Manuel García, and the Opposition PSOE leader and manager of the Nerja Caves Foundation, Ángel Ramírez, announced the inclusion of the Nerja Museum in the Andalucian Museum Network and one was just waiting for some kind of barbed response from the Council.

No let-up in museum battle

Hardly a day seems to go by without some sort of party political rhetoric relating to the Nerja Caves and the, as yet unfinished, Nerja Museum as the battle for control of both the Nerja Caves Foundation and Nerja Museum continues unabated.

Progress with the Nerja Museum

The Mayor of Nerja, José Alberto Armijo, has announced that, following his visit to Sevilla on Monday, the new museum will be included in the register of museums in Andalucia in July.

Seconds away, round seven

As the President of the Nerja Caves Foundation Hilario López Luna made the announcement about the upcoming 51st Nerja Caves Festival, there were persistent questions about the allegations relating to administrative irregularities with the equipping of the Nerja Museum.

Fresh attempt to stop bidding process for the museum

The Mayor of Nerja, as vice-president of the Nerja Caves Foundation, and four PP members have apparently written a letter to the President of the Nerja Caves Foundation, Hilario López Luna, asking her to halt the bidding process for the completion of the Nerja Museum.

Councillors plan new trip to the museum

The Nerja Council is intending to visit the Museum on June 9th along with representatives of the AEN. Providing someone turns up with the keys this time, of course.

May the farce be with you

At the last full Council meeting, the IU leader/member, Manuel Velero, remarked that he had not yet visited the new museum and it was arranged that various councillors would do so on Monday morning.

Five companies bid for museum project

Pending complaints and other potentially problematic items notwithstanding, five companies have submitted bids for the contract to furnish the Nerja Museum, two fewer than during the original, subsequently cancelled tender process.