Nerja Caves Foundation to promote the Caves and the Museum

A new president of the Nerja Caves Foundation, Jorge Hernández Mollar (PP), and a new Caves Manager, Ángel Ruiz, appears to be heralding the end of the ‘Caves Wars’ and the beginning of closer cooperation between the Council and the Foundation, with plans already being made to promote both the Caves and the Nerja Museum.

Nerja Museum opening licence

The Councillor for Town Planning, Inocencia Quintero, has stated that the application for an opening licence for the Nerja History Museum is following ‘normal procedures’ and, although the application was made in April 2009, it wasn’t until December 2010 that all the necessary paperwork was submitted.

New museum in Colmenar

As part of an initiative to enhance cultural tourism in the Axarquia, Colmenar now has a new museum, the Casa Museo de la Miel de Málaga, which shows everything relating to the history, production and harvesting of honey as well as the life of the honey bee.

Provincial funding for the Nerja Museum

The Málaga Provincial Council has allocated €500,000 from the 2011 budget for the Nerja History Museum, the first supramunicipal body to actually make a contribution, and both major parties have been quick to claim responsibility for this event.

Santa Eufemia Museum in Antequera

The Antequera Commission and Santa Eufemia 2010 will be inaugurating the new Santa Eufemia Museum and an exhibition entitled ‘Santa Eufemia enin Antequera’ on Saturday December 18th at 12:00.

The Nerja Museum fiasco continues

It is reported that work on the political football stadium, or Nerja Museum as it is also known locally, has stopped and that the company carrying out the work, Playmedia, has even been diverting equipment back to its warehouses in Barcelona.

No end in sight to the museum saga

The Madrid company Expociencia S. L. has reportedly filed an appeal with the Administrative Court in Málaga against the awarding of the contract to equip the Nerja Museum to the Catalan joint venture Playmedia.

Council responds to museum allegations

The Councillor for Planning and member of the Nerja Caves Foundation, Inocencia Quintero (PP), has responded to allegations made by the PSOE spokesman and manager of the Nerja Caves Foundation,Ángel Ramírez, that obstacles were being put in the way relating to the completion of the Nerja Museum project.

Museum contract awarded

The awarding of the contract for the equipping the Nerja History Museum has been published in the Official Provincial Gazette (BOP), the lucky company being Playmedia. The contract is for €1,395,480.