New parking areas now in operation

The three new summer car parking areas in calle Chaparil, avenida Mediterraneo and calle Almirante Carranza, with a capacity for 200 vehicles, have been suitably marked out and are now in operation. Parking is free and the areas are illuminated.

Blue zone tax in Málaga

The implementation of the ‘blue zone’ parking tax in the area around the Plaza de Toros Vieja and La Malagueta has minimised the chances of finding a ‘free’ parking space in the centre of Málaga, with one thousand new blue zone spaces having been added since last September.

Gradual changeover, as usual…

The first of the month and time for many to move their cars from one side of the road to the other. In calle Manuel Marín this is always a gradual process, sometimes resulting in the road becoming more like a slalom course and difficult to negotiate.

Never a dull moment…

First there was a lorry driver who was so busy texting on his phone as he drove up calle Granada that he only just managed to swerve at the last moment to avoid crunching a parked car.

First ‘blue zone’ parking in Ronda

Ronda is set to implement its first ‘blue zone’ parking tax as from December, with 174 spaces being available in the Concepción (free) car parking area.

New parking arrangements heralded as a great success

The Council is claiming that the changes to the parking arrangements along the rio Chillar and at the quarry – namely no more parking – are a great success, with no complaints from hikers and other visitors now having to leave their cars in a newly created free parking area in calle Mirto some two kilometres from the start of the …