PP victorious in European elections

In the European elections, the centre-right parties have emerged victorious with the UK Labour Party, German Social Democrats and French Socialist Party suffering heavy defeats.

The perambulators will soon be devoid of playthings

As was only to be expected, the ruling Partido Popular has responded to remarks made by the provincial delegate from the Ministry of Public Works, Dolores Fernández, and the provincial delegate from the Department of Education, Antonio Escámez, during their visit to Nerja the other day as part of the European election campaign.

The ‘forgotten’ municipality

At a meeting yesterday of the provincial Partido Popular to discuss the upcoming European elections, the provincial president, Elías Bendodo, described Nerja as a ‘forgotten’ municipality as far as the PSOE controlled Junta de Andalucía was concerned.

Ho, Ho, Ho, wind them up and watch them go

Lord Foulkes and TV presenter Carrie Gracie in ‘conversation’ about MP’s expense claims. Maths is obviously not considered essential for politicians.

Business or pleasure?

Esperanza Oña, PP spokesperson in Andalucía, is questioning the motives behind proposed publicly funded trips to the Caribbean.