Damage to sports pavilion in Torre del Mar

The recent rains have taken their toll on the covered sports pavilion in Torre del Mar, only completed in 2008, with problems relating to the perimeter drainage causing an accumulation of rainwater which has resulted in the partial lifting of the floor.

Red alert in Málaga

Málaga is currently on a ‘red alert’ following heavy rains this morning which have left roads flooded and closed and traffic lights knocked out. The authorities are asking people not to use their vehicles so as to leave the roads free for the Emergency Services. The Emergency Services have attended over 200 incidents this morning, the wail of sirens being …

And then the heavens opened up

A real downpour this morning in Nerja as the wet weather currently affecting most of Spain finally hit the town, and with a vengeance. Among the first to be affected this morning were businesses and shops below street level, such as in avenida Castilla Perez.

In the dark…

A very heavy downpour early this afternoon, rivers of water running down many streets, and it was heavy enough to set off some car alarms! Most annoying. There were also power cuts throughout the town, although most were fairly short-lived.

Repair work being carried out

The Councillor for Agriculture, Antonio Miguel Navas, has stated that work on repairing various lanes and tracks damaged during the recent storms and rains and all should be in perfect condition ‘by the summer’.

Wettest December since 1950

The heavy rains in Andalucia have made it the wettest December since 1950, but it does mean that most of the region now has a supply of water, both for drinking and for agricultural purposes, for at least two years.

Rains cause more evacuations in Jerez

More rains in the area around Jerez has forced more people from their homes as the level of the río Guadalete rose by thirty centimetres.

Weather alerts

Huelva, Sevilla, Cádiz, Córdoba, Málaga and western Granada are on ‘orange alert’ for heavy rains and strong winds, the rest of Andalucia remains on ‘yellow alert’.