Snow, smart parking and roadworks…

The snow has almost disappeared, and so has the chill wind, thank goodness. Very pleasant wandering around on Sunday. The snow does look nice when it covers the hills, it’s the cold wind than is not welcome.

Alerts for snow and high winds

The provinces of Granada, Almeria and Jaén are on high alert for snow and strong winds and the coastal areas of Málaga province are on alert for heavy winds, up to 70 kph in some cases.

The ski season approaches in the Sierra Nevadas

The Sierra Nevada ski station in Granada recorded 15 centimetres of snow at the weekend above 2,500 metres and the temperatures and humidity were also conducive to begin the production of artificial snow. The ski season is currently scheduled to begin on December 1st, weather permitting.

First snows of winter in Málaga province

The first snows of winter have fallen in Málaga province, although it disappeared during tyhe day on Monday. There was a light covering on the top of Mount La Maroma (2,068 metres) for a while as well as in the Sierra de las Nieves around Ronda. Last year the snow appeared in Ronda in October.

Sun and snow…

It is May Day, beautifully sunny, loads of people on the beaches and in town with a picturesque backdrop of snow in them there hills above Nerja.

Spring snow alerts

It may be the first day of spring but thirty provinces are on alert for snow on Wednesday, including Jaén, Granada and Almeria where the alert level is ‘yellow’.

All white then

Just type ‘Let it snow’ into your browser for a bit of harmless festive fun.

Snow in Almeria

Snow on Friday night caused a few problems in Almeria on Saturday with mountain roads in Abla and Calar Alto being closed for most of the day. Snow plows worked throughout the day and the roads were passable again by the evening.