Snow in Barcelona

An historic storm brought chaos to much of Cataluña yesterday as snow caused the closure of many roads, cut power lines and left people stranded and unable to get home.

Rain and snow in Andalucia

Granada and Jaén provinces are on ‘orange alert’ for snow and the rest of Andalucia is on ‘yellow alert’ for snow and rain.

Snow removal in Almeria

Twenty snowplows have been working non-stop in Almeria province to try and clear the roads although four main roads remain closed and snow chains are required on two others.

After the snow

A week after trouble with snow in the UK, it’s now melting and, of course, floods are the new threat.

A week in Blighty

Arriving at Gatwick airport in the dead of night, one of the perils of using budget airlines, it was certainly cool but it didn’t seem overly cold. After waiting for over an hour staring at empty baggage conveyers – either the staff had gone home or there was a go-slow, never found out which – we were on our way …

Dressing for the occasion

The general trend in many places does appear to be that the amount of clothing worn by party-goers is in inverse proportion to the prevailing weather conditions.

Snowy hills

A reasonable covering of snow on the hills this morning, but not such a cold wind as one might have expected.

Delayed return to school in Madrid

Schools in Madrid will not be holding any lessons today as a result of the snow in the capital although the centres will actually be open.

Missing youths found safe and well

Three people, aged 19 years, 21 years and 29 years, who went missing in the Montes de Málaga have been found safe and well.