Renewal of lighting along the promenade

Torrox Council is investing €383,338 in improvements to lighting on the promenade at Ferrara Playa between Punta del Faro y and arroyo del Mascuñar.

Local Police officers under investigation

Two Local Police officers in Torrox are under investigation after, apparently, during their afternoon shift on May 1st, issuing sixteen parking fines to vehicles in Los Llanos, Venta Espinosa and calle Cáceres when they were supposed to be engaged in tasks relating to animals, street vendors and litter.

Maintenance of play areas

In the coming weeks, Torrox Council is planning an overhaul of many of the play areas in the municipality, the previous maintenance work having been carried out in 2012.

Contracts awarded for two new projects

Torrox Council has awarded the contracts for two projects in the municipality, one for the renovation of the Puente de la Rejana and the other for the renewal and moderisation of the lighting on the promenade at Ferrara beach.

New car parking area in La Rabatilla

Torrox Council is completing the work to provide a new parking area in La Rabitilla, near to the Municipal Theatre, using funds, quite naturally, from the Program for the Development of Agricultural Employment.

Two drug mules arrested

Two drug mules have been arrested in Torrox after 299 acorns of hashish were found in their bodies following a medical examination.

Marijuana plantation dismantled

Guardia Civil officers detained three people for allegedly growing and selling marijuana, seizing a total of nineteen plants in the process.

Recycling waste cooking oils

Torrox Council has reached a collaboration agreement with a newly formed local company, Davisol, for the collection of used cooking oils from houses in the municipality.