Council supports local taxi drivers

Torrox Council, like its neighbour Nerja, has approved a motion in support of local taxi drivers in their attempts to continue picking up and dropping off passengers at Málaga airport. The Málaga taxi collective wants a closed shop as far as Málaga airport is concerned and are pushing for a change in the regional laws to achieve this.

Torrox theatre remains closed

Almost two years after its completion, the €8 million theatre in Torrox has still not held any cultural events due, apparently, to the lack of the necessary technical reports relating to water and light and concerns about public safety in the event of fire. However, the Department of Youth and Culture moved into the building some eighteen months ago.

Toy campaign in Torrox schools

Torrox Council has begun a campaign in local schools to promote non-sexist and non-violent toys during the Christmas period.

XXXI Fiesta de las Migas

The provincial president of the Red Cross, Antonio Morales Lázaro, will open the XXXI Fiesta de las Migas in Torrox on December 23rd. The tasting and alled acts will take place in El Llano de la Almazara and other events, such as the opening speech, will take place in Plaza de la Constitución, opposite the Town Hall. Migas is a …

Council requesting provincial funding for road repairs

Torrox Council is asking the provincial government to become involved in the financing of repairs to rural roads damaged during storms. The Junta de Andalucia is already carrying out renovations to 19 rural roads in the municipality at a cost of €500,000.

Fatal accident in Torrox

A 54 year old man, initials F.V.R., was killed on Wednesday after being hit by a car on the road between Torrox Costa and Torrox Pueblo near Bar La Mula. The driver of the vehicle, 22 year old J.M.G.M., suffered a minor injury to his hand and was discharged from hospital after treatment.

Mayor stands by Local Police Chief until court makes its ruling

The Mayor of Torrox, Francisco Muñoz (PSOE), has stated that he will not consider taking any action against the Local Police Chief, José Roque Fernández Durán, until the courts rule on his guilt or innocence for the crime of which he is accused.

Mayor discusses moving the municipal courts

The Mayor of Torrox, Francisco Muñoz (PSOE), has been holding talks with representatives of the Ministry of Justice and Interior to discuss matters relating to the municipal courts, located in Palacio de la Hoya.

Torrox Council to reduce IBI rate for 2013

Torrox Council is reducing IBI (Rates) for 2013 by 10% from 0.77% to 0.7%, a measure aimed at helping families in the municipality. This will mean reduced revenues for the municipal coffers of around €600,000.

Government pushes through municipal budget

The minority PSOE government has managed to push through the municipal budget for this year with the mayor, Francisco Muñoz, exercising his casting vote after the vote was tied at eight-eight. The PSOE (6 members) voted in favour as did the PIU (2 members). The PSA member abstained and both the PP (5 members) and IU (3 members) voted against.