And still there is talk of trams

The mayor of Vélez-Málaga, FranciscoDelgado Bonilla, continues to talk of resurrecting the Great White Elephant, the ill-fated Tranvia tram system which cost €30 million and plunged the municipality into debt.

Tram still on the agenda

It is more than two years since the ill-fated Tranvia tram system ground to a halt in Vélez-Málaga, but the mayor, Francisco Delgado Bonilla, still apparently wants to see it running again.

Vélez-Málaga Council announces major projects

Is there a whiff of elections in the air? Vélez-Málaga Council has agreed loans of 4 million euros to finance a number of major projects, including a new access road to the hospital.

Fire destroys three vehicles

A fire originating in a camper van in the car park next to the wholesale market in Vélez-Málaga resulted in the destruction of the vehicle and two cars parked nearby.