Despicable thieves

Lorena Herrera is a wife and a mother of three children and suffers from an inoperable brain tumour. She requires treatment costing €3,000 for every ten sessions.

Six arrested in drugs raids

As part of an ongoing operation against small and medium scale drug trafficking, National Police in Vélez-Málaga have arrested six people engaged in the sale of drugs in the town.

Unpublished works by Joaquín Lobato

The Málaga Provincial Council and the Vélez-Málaga Council have arranged for the publication of 1,500 folders containing unpublished poems and drawings by the poet and artist Joaquín Lobato who died in April 2005.

161 drivers fined for speeding during four day campaign

The Mayor of Vélez-Málaga, Francisco Delgado Bonilla, has announced that a special campaign on speed control carried out in conjunction with the DGT on April 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th resulted in 161 drivers being detected at speeds above the prescribed limit.

Chirimoya juice

After more than a year of research, the Vélez-Málaga company Avomix has announced three new juices including the first natural Chirimoya (custard apple) juice to go on sale at a national level.

Vélez to honour Adolfo Suarez

The mayor of Vélez-Málaga, Francisco Delgado, has announced that the government group has approved a motion to initiate proceedings to name a street, plaza or roundabout in honour of the late Adolfo Suarez, first democratic Prime Minister following the end of the Franco fascist regime.

New wholesale market planned

Vélez-Málaga Council has unveiled plans for a new wholesale market to be located near the Camino de Remanente area in the north of the town.

III Ruta de la Tapa

The III Ruta de la Tapa takes place from March 14th to April 6th 2014 with a total of 21 establishments taking part, up from 18 last year and 15 in the first year.