Extended Maroween celebrations this year

It is only a few years since the Fiesta de la Castaña y el Boniato – Festival of the Chestnut and Sweet Potato – in Maro was combined with local Halloween celebrations to become ‘Maroween’.

The Fiesta de la Castaña y el Boniato dates back to 1878 and is celebrated in a number of municipalities, usually on October 31st. This year, the Maroween festivities have been extended and will now take place from October 31st to November 2nd.

It all begins at 18:00 on Friday October 31st with the opening of a themed market which will continue throughout the three days. The market will be in calle Real and will also feature magic workshops and competitions.

Friday is also the start of a Tapas Route, with prizes for those who complete the route, and the chestnuts and sweet potatoes will be cooked in the main square. There will be a performance by the Christian Dance Group, DJ Pachi and at 23:00 is the group Electroduende.

On Saturday November 1st the market starts at 11:00 hours and from 17:00 in the Municipal Multi-purpose Centre there will be a conference on parapsychology entitled “Life After Life” and the recording of a radio programme called “The other reality”. Admission is free.

The Community Centre will be screening a short ‘terror’ film at 17:15, with free entry, and from 20:00 in the Plaza de Maro there will be a performance by the Balcón de Europa Theatre Group. This will be followed by music from DJ Toulalan, a performance by a Zumba Group and from 22:30, a concert by the Bud Spencer Band.

On Sunday November 2nd the market starts at 11:00 and in the Plaza de Maro there will be activities relating to pottery, beekeeping, decorative gourds and recycled materials.

From 12:00 in the Multi-purpose Centre there will specialists in tarot, numerology, magic, symbolism and the history of Halloween and at 13:30 in the Plaza de Maro there will be a performance by a funky group.

For trick or treaters, pumpkins will be placed outside houses where ‘rewards’ of sweets and candies are guaranteed to be available.

There is a special hourly bus service to and from Maro, on Friday from 18:00 to 02:30 and on Saturday from 12:00 to 02:30. The stops are Hotel Monica, Hotel Plaza Cavana, Clínica Rincón, Ermita and the Kiosk Ceric.