Coastal Path expected to generate €40 million per year

According to the President of Málaga Council, Elias Bendodo, the proposed 180 km Coastal Path linking Nerja and Manilva will result in at least €40 million per year in revenue and create around 400 jobs annually over its entire length.

The Coastal Path, which will result in a 180 kilometre stretch of uninterrupted walking or cycling route, is the joining of existing paths, promenades and tracks and the project is set to cost €30 million and be completed in five years.

The president explained that the route will generate €24 million annually from tourism, hotels, hospitality and leisure activities. In addition, €16 million will be generated each year during the five year construction period. This means that, according to Bendodo, the Coastal Path will pay for itself within two years.

With regard to employment, around 270 jobs will be created and maintained annually through tourism and infrastructure maintenance. The remaining 130 will be jobs created during the five year construction period.