Mel Gibson and wife Robyn to divorce after 28 years

So, Mel Gibson and his wife of 28 years, Robyn, are set to end it all in the divorce courts, irreconcilable differences being cited as the reason for the split.

Mel Gibson is worth in the region of £640 million, and under Californian law, his wife could take half. Fair enough, that’s the law and both were aware of that and didn’t bother with prenuptual agreements.

The couple have seven children. However, as well as seeking joint physical and legal custody of their ten year old son, the only minor in the family, Robyn is also asking for spousal support and attorneys fees. Surely, if she is going to end up with a possible £320 million, which she never did earn or never would have, asking for ‘spousal support and attorneys fees’ is going a bit far. A bit cheeky.

  1. Mary Kernaghan says:

    Why not be cheated through the marriage and she was left to bring up the children for years

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