Out and about, December 30th…

Don’t recall ever noticing the old cannon in the undergrowth down by Calahonda beach before!


Someone should clean it up a bit, would make a nice display piece. Assuming it is genuine, of course, and not some copy from an Oriental bazaar. Can’t be an Oriental copy, looks too realistic and no flashing lights!

Quite a few people out and about in town today, pretty crowded in some areas such as Puerta del Mar and the Balcon de Europa. The cafes doing quite a good trade, too.

Looks like just about all the plants and shrubs have been removed from both sides of the walkway down to the Balcon promontory. Presumably they have already planted new seed or bulbs or are going to, looks a bit bare and colourless at the moment.

Quite a few workmen in Plaza Cavana and calle Carmen this morning, not a sign of anyone in calle Jaén, though. The road is still closed and the end of January (builders) is looking the more accurate prediction than ‘before Christmas’ (the Council).

Three days no rain, can’t complain. The sun keeps putting in the odd appearance and it’s actually quite warm outside, warm enough for people to be sitting down by the beaches catching a few rays. Warmer outside than it is indoors, that’s for sure.

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