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As the Council begins to rip out the trees in calle Chaparil as part of a project to make parking easier, the newly formed Nerja Green Party are not happy bunnies. Their latest press release, complete with photos, is reproduced here (unedited).

The Nerja Town Hall has continued with its commitment to transplant trees from Chaparil Road. Today the spokespersons for the Nerja Green Party, Laura Fernandez and Antonio Puerta witnessed a barbaric act. The council have started to take the trees. However, it is not the right time as you can not transplant these trees until winter.

The workers have been clearing the surrounding cement and pulling the trees upwards with a crane, literally tearing them to pieces. See the roots of the trees as they appear in the two photos, it is doubtful that they will survive. This action is irresponsible and foolish and demonstrates a lack of respect for life and all those people who love nature. Once again our politicians pretend to be God but they are responsible.

At the meeting we had with the Nerja Town Hall they stated they had competent technicians and how dare we question their work. Now see we were right and our job is to monitor what they are doing. It’s our responsibility to inform and not mislead all the people of Nerja. The operation is starting removing trees without roots and plants worth 10,000 euros. Please don’t do these things with the money of all the people of Nerja.

If the Nerja Town Hall are unwilling to talk and continue taking unilateral decisions we must continue with our pressure on the street. The council would carry out the tree transplants in the winter and hire a specialized company for this purpose so they can survive. I also ask that residents of the Chaparil Road and the citizens of Nerja should be allowed to have a say in the decision of the trees and the palms.

contact green party of Nerja to join our cause at [email protected] we are also in facebook and tuenti social network as : los verdes de nerja


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