In the dark…

In days gone by, it used to be the case that when the water supply was being turned off , particularly for any length of time, it was usually publicised in advance and a speaker-van would tour the affected area blaring out details. Sometimes barely intelligible but one got the drift.

These days, especially since privatisation, the best you can expect is a small piece of paper taped to a tree or a building wall somewhere in the area.

Not so good when, for example, a hairdresser opens up for business as usual and finds there is no water and has to send clients home. What’s more, the hairdresser then has to wander the streets to find one of the bits of paper in order to ascertain how long the outage is scheduled to last.

This was the situation in calle Jaén the other day, but is a fairly common occurrence nowadays with all the various building works going on all over the place. Some major proposed outages do get published on the municipal website, but not that many really and none since early April.

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