Questions and proposals from the Nerja Green Party

The Nerja Green Party has submitted a number of questions and proposals on various subjects to the Nerja Council. These are:

The brutal pruning of trees by the municipality seems unwarranted. It has left the 100 year old eucalyptus tree on Avd Pescia with not a leaf left. How does Mr Mayor think the trees breathe? It is one thing to avoid falling branches and another to end the trees life. It is possible to achieve the middle ground.

The trees have also been surrounded by cement. Do you believe that trees can grow in concrete? This will surely kill lots of trees. Consult a specialist for yourself like we have done.

For you, the cement is sacred of course and that is what moves them in their politics, the rest does not matter. You have a great lack of sensitivity to life and a lack of environmental education, you should learn first.

Stop your crusade now against the trees in Nerja: Plant trees in all possible streets and don´t remove the few trees we have left. Nerja Greens are still awaiting trees to be planted in the 126 holes we’ve seen in the Avd Mediterranean, Ferrandiz Goby, Antonio Million, Admiral Carranza, which have been empty for many years.

The closing of vacant lots where once one could park for free. There is a huge parking problem in Nerja now. We do not understand this policy and even less that is undertaken in the summer when parking is most needed. We literally see people fighting over parking spaces.

The town is full of illegal landfills for construction debris and trash.

There is a total neglect in the maintenance of trees and this causes problems for citizenship, the perfect excuse is to blame the tree and get rid of it.

Deal with giving cohesion to each neighborhood promoting the creation of public spaces, recreational areas for children, parks and meeting places, cultural sites, exercise areas. There is a serious problem of individualism and social disconnection.

Facilitate citizen participation and involvement in public affairs.

Enhance educational campaigns and create responsible citizens from a young age.
Deal especially with youth, drugs, alcoholism amongst youths. We need to create healthy leisure alternatives, both natural and cultural.

Support proposals for sustainable development that will not destroy nature with more and more construction.

The Greens propose the construction of a landing pontoon not a port. This will create a line of shipping and marine dolphin watching from the east, Nerja and the cove. This has a lower environmental impact and a major tourism potential.

Do not support the golf course, a project that is environmentally-destroying and only favours the elite.

These two projects that you claim to carry out will only seek to make paths associated with favoring macrourbanizaciones, which favour the enrichment of Larios through Salsa Real Estate & other promoters. This does not have any benefit for the citizens. Think of the citizens & not the great economic power groups.
who are you working for?

Do not allow construction of more greenhouses that disfigure the landscape and support the change of use to organic farming.

Promote the bicycle as alternative transportation for urban and interurban use.

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