Beware of low flying toys

The playthings have once again been flying out of the perambulator as the Battle for The Nerja Caves continues unabated and with no sign of a ceasefire.

The Nerja Caves Foundation has, in the past, contributed to a number of associations and organisations in Nerja by means of grants. However, the apparent refusal of the Foundation to fund the Nerja School of Music and Dance has prompted the Nerja Council to propose, and pass, a number of motions in their latest session.

Firstly, the Council voted against approving the Nerja Caves Foundation budget for 2011.

Secondly, the Council proposed to use half of the recent €500,000 Provincial Council funding for the Nerja Museum for the Nerja School of Music and Dance.

Thirdly, the Council proposed to allocate 10% of all Foundation revenues to the Nerja Council, not just from entrance ticket sales. Under the original statutes of the Nerja Caves Foundation, 10% of ticket revenue was allocated to municipal funds, but it is now being argued that this is no longer appropriate due to the expansion of activities at the caves.

The Council now wants a share of ticket sales, car parking, restaurant revenue, souvenir shop revenue and money from the photo service. In addition, they also propose taking 10% of future ticket sales from the Nerja Museum as soon as it is open to the public.

The ‘10%’ has been a bone of contention ever since the opposition PSOE took control of the Nerja Caves Foundation and non-payment of this ‘fee’ since that time has resulted in much party political bickering and is blamed by many as being one of the main causes of delays with a number of projects within the municipality.

The PSOE, whose leader is also the manager of the Nerja Caves Foundation, naturally voted against these proposals.

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