Sacked worker temporarily reinstated

The Nerja Caves Foundation has decided to at least temporarily reinstate sacked archaeologist Antonio Garrido, thus complying with the ruling of the Labour Court Number 8 in Málaga to either reinstate the sacked employee or pay compensation of €86,903.36, this action to be carried out within five days of the judgement.

Success for Nerja Caves Foundation handball team

The Nerja Caves Foundation senior handball team took part in the Final of the Copa  Delegación held in Alhaurín El Grande on Sunday. Nerja beat Club Torre del Mar 24-20. This followed a third place recently in the Liverpool International Tournament where teams from all over Europe, including from Germany, France, England, Norway took part.

Demand for dismissal of Ángel Ramírez as manager of the Nerja Caves

PP Councillors who are members of the Nerja Caves Foundation are asking the president of the Foundation, Hilario López Luna, to call an extraordinary plenary session for the sole purpose of demanding the resignation of the manager of the Nerja Caves, Ángel Ramírez.

Beware of low flying toys

The playthings have once again been flying out of the perambulator as the Battle for The Nerja Caves continues unabated and with no sign of a ceasefire.

No let-up in museum battle

Hardly a day seems to go by without some sort of party political rhetoric relating to the Nerja Caves and the, as yet unfinished, Nerja Museum as the battle for control of both the Nerja Caves Foundation and Nerja Museum continues unabated.

Fresh attempt to stop bidding process for the museum

The Mayor of Nerja, as vice-president of the Nerja Caves Foundation, and four PP members have apparently written a letter to the President of the Nerja Caves Foundation, Hilario López Luna, asking her to halt the bidding process for the completion of the Nerja Museum.

Court rejects Nerja Council application

The Court of Contentious Administrative No. 6 in Málaga has rejected the application by Nerja Council for an interim halt to proceedings relating to the completion of the Nerja Museum on the grounds that it would be against the public interest and result in lengthy delays.

Nerja Council wants its 10% from the caves

The Councillor for Finance, Isabel Sánchez, has sent a letter to the president of the Nerja Caves Foundation, Hilary López Luna, asking her to issue the relevant order to the caves management to hand over ten percent of ticket sales.